We want to make shopping for British made food and drink from independent producers easy – no matter where you live

Farmshoplarder is an online marketplace where you can buy British made food and drink from the best artisan, independent producers and farmers. By bringing together a curated range of high-quality and award-winning food and drink products all in one place, you can discover and sample the unique tastes of farmers’ markets, no matter where you live. So you can now explore and buy from a variety of producers based in different regions at the same time. Discover lamb from Lincolnshire, charcuterie from Rutland and pick up a jam made from foraged fruits in Norfolk, just like you would at a farmers’ market. 


The UK is stuffed full of creative and passionate people making delicious food and drink, but it’s not always been easy to access and find. Farmshoplarder wants to open the door to exploring these hidden gems. We work directly with independent producers and farmers who are some of the best in their field of expertise. They love what they do and is most probably why so many of them produce award-winning products that taste fantastic.

Explore some of the winners from the 2017 Great Taste Awards below.

Sold By: Old Rectory Preserves
Sold By: Campsie Glen Smokehouse
Sold By: Campsie Glen Smokehouse
Sold By: Mrs Middletons

Great Taste Award-Winners 2017

Bad Boy Chilli Habanaro Chilli Shake, 24g

Sold By: Bad Boy Chilli
A note from Rebecca


Over the years I’ve stayed at B&Bs across the country and the best (in my opinion!) are always the ones that serve up thick-cut, beautifully-smoked, locally-sourced rashers for breakfast. It somehow always gets my day off to a good start!

The only problem was that once I got home, that bacon was far, far away. That got me thinking about all the other local delicacies I’d tried and how it was pretty much impossible to share those experiences with other people. There was no way for friends and family to try them too – unless they were willing to make the same trip.

So that’s when farmshoplarder.com was born.

If you believe in honest food and drink that supports communities, the environment and exciting independent producers, then farmshoplarder.com is the place for you. So what are you waiting for? Our food market is a carefully curated range of artisan products ready to be explored!


We love quality food and that’s why we’re members of the Guild of Fine Food and FARMA.


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Member of The Guild of Fine Food

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