How it works

How does it work? We’re a marketplace

…which means that everything on is sold and sent directly by our passionate independent producers and farmers.

You can explore and buy from award-winning, food and drink made in the UK. Read on to see how it works.



Explore & Shop

Explore our curated range from the best  UK independent producers. Simply pop them in your basket and place your order!



Packaged by Hand

Once your order has been received, our producers and farmers will carefully hand-pick and package your items for you. 

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Direct To Your Door

Depending on your choice for delivery, your order will be delivered direct to your door or to the address you entered at the checkout. 



Enjoy It Your Way

Food & drink that tastes so good won’t last for long! So whether your taste buds get tickled alone, with friends or with family, enjoy!

Our Values

We love food and drink and believe in keeping things simple in everything we do.

Our values are just the same, and here are’s ingredients for bringing the best of British to your door.

#1. Made in the UK

Everything sold on has either been made, grown, reared or caught in the UK. It means it’s as fresh as possible and you can taste the seasons. That’s what makes us different.

#2. Directly work with small-scale, independent producers and farmers

We don’t use distributors and only work directly with the small producer and farmer. We really do care and need to make sure they are as passionate about what they do as we are! This means we work to build long-term relationships with them and their local community. Through working together we strive to build the best range of British products for you to enjoy. That’s what makes us different.

#3. Quality Ingredients

They say ‘you reap what you sow’ and we believe that’s the case. Through investing in seasonal and high-quality ingredients, our independent food producers and farmers create outstanding taste and flavour. You’ll find numerous award-winning products on We champion independent producers and farmers to the finest chefs, hotels and establishments including Michelin-starred kitchens. That’s what makes us different.

#4. Good Old British Values

We’re a modern business with traditional values. We have big ambitions but believe that respect and honesty, great customer service and doing the best we can are fundamental.  We can’t say we will get it right every time, but we will always try our best. That’s what makes us different.