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Lavinton Lamb is an award-winning native breed lamb produced by shepherdess Sophie Arlott in rural Lincolnshire.

Sophie’s small flock of sheep, including traditional British breeds such as the Hebridean, Romney, Cheviot and Southdown, is farmed extensively, feeding naturally on rich pastureland.

As an artisan, Sophie’s mission is to produce lamb for flavour, not size. Proof of her success is shown by the six Michelin-starred chefs who serve her lamb in their restaurants, as well as many other acclaimed eateries in the Midlands and London.

“The sweet marbled meat of the Southdown, coupled with the fine texture and rich, gamey flavour of the Hebridean, produces an exquisite lamb” says Sophie.

Their shoulder of Hebridean cross lamb has won a three-star Great Taste Award including along with their delicious merguez and Moroccan sausages.

Awards include:

2015 Great Taste Award Rack of Southdown lamb

2015 Great Taste Award Moroccan Sausage

2015 Great Taste Award Merguez Sausage

2016 Great Taste 3* Award Shoulder of Hebridean Cross lamb

Quick delivery by courier that keeps the meat cold for 48 hours means it's farm to fork in no time.

Sold By: Lavinton Lamb
Sold By: Lavinton Lamb
Sold By: Lavinton Lamb
Sold By: Lavinton Lamb